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Venus, The Witch

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1 Venus, The Witch on Tue May 31, 2016 3:29 am

Name (last, first): Venus
Nickname: Venus
Birthday (if known):February 14
Species:Half-Angel Half-Witch
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Personality:Venus is a very kind person she doesn't believe in violence so she uses her powers to break them up. She is very responsible owning two shops for the daytime and nighttime Venus is the kind of person you would go on a walk with or have tea with.
Good Habits:Clean and being Polite
Bad Habits:Using her powers, Forgetting appointments, and Talking a lot
Strengths in battle:Manipulation,Seduction, and controlling
Weaknesses in battle:
Likes:Making people laugh, Cooking, Talking
Dislikes:Being late, Thieves,
Hobbies:Owning a shop
Dreams: Doesn't have any
Life Story:Being born a half-angel has its perks but to Venus it was a major drawback being a full angel meant that she would leave her family's shop behind and Venus never wanted to give it up so she decided to be a half-angel and learn to be a witch but in doing so she sold her soul to devil, himself along side her familiar Cupid the dove.

Type of magic:Seduction and Persuasion
Familiar: Dove named Cupid
Hair Style:Long
Accessories/Jewelry:Heart earrings

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